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Community-Owned | Culturally Inspired

We draw inspiration from the shared heritage of our owner's 25,000 Alaska Native shareholders, who have lived in relationship with land and ocean for 10,000 years.

At Woocheen, geophysicists, entrepreneurs, data analysts and seafood masters work together to foster ocean health.

Community-owned and culturally inspired, we have built a $500 million ocean-health business platform by seeking out and bringing together creative problem solvers. Our companies are tackling the challenges facing our oceans in a variety of ways: supporting sustainably managed fisheries around the world, applying geotechnical expertise that keeps our waters clean, and supporting the generation of energy from offshore wind. We have created other environmental benefits through our work. Key among those: We have set aside 176,000 acres of forested lands in Southeast Alaska to be managed for the purpose of carbon sequestration for the next 100 years

Our model has proven that a focus on healing the planet can power economic success. That’s especially important, because as part of Sealaska, our profits directly support Alaska Native communities with scholarships, economic opportunity, revitalization of Indigenous culture and language, and more. Sealaska, an Alaska Native Corporation, was created specifically to perpetuate Indigenous prosperity and long-term stewardship of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian homelands.

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People and planet define Woocheen. We are embracing the best of humanity to heal our oceans, and we consistently look for like-minded people and partners to help us do it.

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Our Philosophy

People can achieve anything when they work together with passion and commitment. Our planet - and our future - depend on us to do just that.

We innovate for something beautiful: A healthy ocean for generations to come.

Our Name

Our name is derived from the Tlingit word wooch.éen, which can be roughly translated as “working together.” It is a name that acknowledges we are interdependent, working in collaboration with each other, with our environment, and with the resources available to us.

The value of wooch.éen is as critical to success in the modern world as it has been to the Indigenous people of Southeast Alaska, who have lived in their homelands for more than 10,000 years. As a company name, it affirms our belief that we will achieve greater success together than we will individually. It highlights our dedication to solving problems, and to helping all people realize their full potential. It means we take responsibility and strive for honesty and balance.

Wooch.éen also entails understanding our environment through observation, curiosity and systems thinking. These qualities drove science and ecosystem understanding for Indigenous people. Wooch.éen is about working holistically within a system while holding great respect for all we live with.

Our Leadership

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