Seas Geosciences Opens Center of Operations in Rome





May 15, 2024

Seas Geosciences opens home base near Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport

Seas Rome Exterior

Seas Geosciences, which specializes in nearshore, offshore and deep-water geotechnical work with a focus on offshore wind energy development, has opened a home base near Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport.

The new space will serve as a base of operations for Seas’ assets, including those suited to challenging environments such as deep water. This is important because most of the offshore wind energy development in the Mediterranean takes place in these kinds of environments, said Seas President Paolo Casciotti.

“We’ve been fortunate to experience much success in the Mediterranean,” Casciotti said. “Rome is strategically positioned to serve the Mediterranean, the East Coast of the United States and the North Sea. This new office will operate in synergy with our offices in the UK and in the U.S. and make our operations in the European Union more agile.”

The Rome base will accommodate a growing team of scientists, project managers, engineers and technicians, as well as an expanding collection of technology and gear to facilitate investigations of seabed and subsurface conditions, Casciotti said.

“This new center of operations will house both people and equipment, and the gear will have the support it needs, all in one place,” he said.

As the number of projects being approved in remote and difficult locations grows - for both floating and fixed wind-energy technology - Seas is focusing its innovations and experience on addressing unique challenges such as environmental restrictions, marine life preservation, challenging bathymetries and soils, and deeper waters.

Seas’ address in Rome is Via Ugo Tiberio, 46, 00148 Ponte Galeria RM, Italy.

Seas Rome Interior2