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Marine Construction

Supporting ocean health with coastal engineering, skilled problem-solving

Working safely in marine environments

Our teams' skill with safely delivering construction work on and under water – whether it’s pouring concrete, repairing piers and wharves, drilling, welding, or recovering machinery from the murky depths – will be increasingly important as sea levels rise and old-energy infrastructure requires mitigation and removal.

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Marine Construction Services

Our teams construct and repair piers, wharfs, docks, dolphins, walkways, gangways, intakes, and outfalls for various clients, including refineries, terminal operators, state and local agencies, and the US Coast Guard.

  • Pile driving
  • Barges & specialty barges
  • Heavy Lift
  • Floating crane services
  • Dredging
  • Pipe/cable laying & salvage
Dockside Services
Dockside services

We have extensive dockside laydown and storage facilities, as well as welding and fabrication capabilities. Dockside mobilization and demobilization makes use of our heavy-lift and diving capabilities. We can load and unload vehicles, containers and large equipment on barges or vessels from our dockside location on Mare Island in California.

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As marine demolition and salvage experts, we can restore your site with sonar-aided debris recovery, UXO recovery and marine salvage services.

  • Marine salvage
  • Marine oil terminal demolition
  • Unexploded Ordinance Recovery

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