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Our offshore team exists to support the expansion of clean energy by leveraging its expertise in geotechnical solutions and marine construction. Singularly focused on geosciences in support of the offshore renewable sector, our operations are based in California with offices in the United Kingdom and Italy. Our team members have decades of experience working with seabed technologies and offshore geotechnical investigations - particularly in remote, challenging environments.

Deep Water

Understanding the nature and mechanics of soil is one of the most critical elements in the development of offshore wind energy. Geotechnical and geophysical site characterization for foundations, mooring and cable routes are the first and most important priority for every project. An increasing number of projects will be approved in more remote and difficult locations, using both floating and fixed technology. Our innovations and experience are geared towards addressing unique challenges such as environmental restrictions, marine life preservation, challenging bathymetries and soils, and deeper waters.

Deep Water Drill PREFERRED
Deepwater Drill

Our deepwater drill reduces mob/demob costs when compared to other competing seafloor drilling technologies. Its simplified, automated wireline system is significantly more productive and reliable than any other competing seabed drilling technologies. It's flexible sampling and testing options push sampler, soil/rock coring and CPT on carousel. Because it is decoupled from the vessel, it can continue work through otherwise prohibitive weather conditions. Its remote and fully automated operation significantly improves quality and productivity while reducing risks to personnel and environment.

  • A-frame, LARS or crane deployment​
  • Operations from 0-4000m
  • Drill & sample 80m below mudline​
  • Push sampling (Shelby tube 76.2mm diameter or 66.7mm with a liner), PQ sizecoring (73mm)
  • Flexible and adaptable sampling/testing regimes
  • 75kN CPT ​with 2m stroke utilizing A.P. van den Berg Icones
  • Weight of system: 9,200kg incl. tooling & samples
  • Max. slope, controlled leveling 0-20 degrees
  • Variable foot pad sizes based on seabed conditions to minimize settlement
Seabed CPT
Seabed CPT

Our Seabed Cone Penetration Test (CPT) system is designed to operate in challenging water depths of up to 4000 meters. The Seabed CPT can push to depths of up to 45m below the seabed, thanks to its thick gauge coiled rod system. This advanced system allows us to gather high-resolution geotechnical data from the seabed, providing valuable insights for offshore and deepwater projects.

  • 200kN 50m continuous push CPT
  • Deployed by A-Frame/Crane/LARS
  • A.P. van den Berg 10cm Icones
  • Realtime data transmission
  • Seismic CPT capable
  • Configurable ballasting from 14,000kg to 25,000kg
  • Chain drive injector system
  • Rated up to 4000m water depth
  • Dimensions: 5m high by 3.9m wide base

Shallow Water

In both deep and shallow water, our focus is on the engineering, development and utilization of custom-designed, remotely operated equipment to optimize productivity while increasing the safety of our personnel and respect for the surrounding environment.

Vibrocore 1

Several vibrocoring units allow us to perform sampling in a broad range of water depths and environments. Using industry-leading technology, We can quickly and accurately extract high-quality samples of the seabed, providing essential data for engineering design and environmental impact assessments.

Our vibrocore equipment, rated for working in water depths of up to 300 meters, is capable of penetrating through the seafloor sediments, ensuring we obtain the most comprehensive geological and geotechnical data possible. Our team of experienced professionals has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from intertidal harbor sampling to sampling for offshore cable routes.

Offshore CP Tequipmentwebsite
Seabed CPT (Roson 100)

Our class-leading Roson-100 CPT systems enable us to provide high-quality geotechnical data in even the most challenging of marine environments.

* Proven wheel drive system with a pushing force of 100 kN
* CPT depth up to 50 meters
* Deployable from medium to large vessel
* Optical fiber umbilical guarantees real-time broadband data
transmission and power supply over great distances

Featured Projects

Renexia a

Med Wind

Starting in fall 2023, our team worked with renewable-energy company Renexia to study the most environmentally sustainable mooring and anchoring solutions for the turbines at Med Wind, a floating offshore wind farm project in the Mediterranean.

We used innovative sampling methods with our unique, remotely operated systems to investigate the underwater environment. We deployed our robotic seafloor drill and cone penetration testing up to 40 meters below the seafloor, in water more than 900 meters deep, to acquire geotechnical information about geohazards at the project site in the Sicily Channel. The work enables Renexia to define and design the most appropriate seabed anchoring systems for the turbines and ensure maximum attention to the surrounding ecosystem.

Offshore Wind Projects

Tyrrhenian, Nurax, Poseidon Wind Power Projects

The project companies Tyrrhenian, Nurax, Poseidon joined forces with our teams on preliminary investigations for three planned floating wind farms in the Mediterranean. We were hired to assess seabed and subsurface conditions to inform the generation of a ground model and to progress design and installation studies for the projects’ foundations and cables. Our Deepwater CPT unit enabled cone penetration testing up to 40 meters below the surface of the seabed in water depths of up to 1,600 meters – nearly one mile deep. Our deepwater drilling system enabled collection of borehole samples for laboratory testing.

Contact Us

Project Opportunities:

Paolo Casciotti | [email protected] | +1 (713) 304 0785

Phil Crawford | [email protected] | +44 (0)7507 777 780

Fiercely focused on quality & safety

Safety first

Quality and health – for humans and the environment – depend on safe practices. And safety springs from caring deeply about the work and each other while following processes properly, says Woocheen Environmental Health & Safety Manager Patrick Connor. That approach defines how we operate.

Seas Geosciences, along with all of Woocheen’s businesses, designs programs that are sure to comply with all ISO standards. That means before our work begins, we assess all hazards and craft plans to eliminate or mitigates risks. It means our hazard-identification process includes our customers and all our partners, in addition to our own team. It means we transcend mere compliance, always thinking about how we can avoid harming the environment while completing our projects. It means we share best practices and lessons learned across our businesses. And it means we are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Exceptional teamwork keeps people and planet safe.

Patrick Connor

It is Woocheen’s great fortune to benefit from Patrick Connor’s leadership. A self-described environmentalist, his unique background includes operating and captaining ships in both the seafood and offshore drilling sectors, and he has worked to protect people and planet in a wide variety of conditions, including in ultra-deep water. Woocheen’s focus on collaboration and interdependence captured his interest.

“Complicated operations take everyone’s effort as a team to make things work properly,” he says. “Particularly in safety, it’s important to develop a culture where everyone has a voice. You find the best ideas and the most astute solutions to problems from people you would not expect.”

People Powering the Planet

Nicol Photo

Nicol Eksteen


Nicol is responsible for structuring the flow of engineering information and managing design teams. He has 15 years of experience as a design engineer in the offshore and mining sectors.

Mark Rundle

Mark Rundle


Mark is responsible for managing equipment specification, installation, maintenance and upgrades. He brings 15 years of experience working in the geotechnical drilling industry, mobilizing and maintaining multiple assets worldwide.

John Cowley

John Cowley


John has spent the past 10 years working on- and off-shore, developing fully automated seafloor drills and custom in-situ tooling. John is working to automate Seas' current systems and craft the next generation of seafloor units.

Matt Jenkinson

Matt Jenkinson


Matt has worked in the offshore geotechnical-survey industry since 2005, managing various single- and multi-vessel projects for offshore wind farm investigations. He is committed to developing a firm operational foundation while maintaining Woocheen's commitment to ocean health.

Danny Gordon

Danny Gordon


Danny is responsible for the commisioning, operation, and maintenance of the subsea systems, DD1 and the DCPT. He conducts engineering work in the design phases of new systems and development of system upgrades.

Phil 1

Phil Crawford


With more than 10 years of experience managing complex projects in the offshore geotechnical industry, Phil handles technical and commercial proposals and tender and project management for Seas.