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Sustainable Seafood

Seafood has so many benefits, and yet too few people in the U.S. and Europe find it appealing. We have brought together into a single organization the world’s best sustainability, marketing and seafood experts to change that.

Fresh, delicious, responsibly sourced and packaged food from the world’s oceans is key to fighting the effects of climate change.

Our passion for consumers drives our approach to supplying sustainable ocean-based foods while inspiring people to eat more fish. Our experts apply experience – from global powerhouses including Pepsi and Unilever – with analyzing data and behavioral patterns to understand how people feel about seafood, and apply what they’ve learned to craft and deliver brands and products that enhance people’s lives.

Our teams at New England Seafood, Icemar, AG Seafood, Normarine and Independent Packers Corporation are all innovators with decades of experience navigating complex seafood challenges. They are devising new ways to make the most of every fish and add value for the people who pull those fish from the ocean. They have developed unique capabilities around sourcing, storing and processing top quality, superfrozen tuna – including a patented defrost process – so consumers can enjoy the freshest possible chilled seafood. They are working with governments and NGOs to ensure our fisheries are healthy enough to feed humanity for generations to come.

We bring together people and expertise from around the world to keep oceans healthy and enhance lives through seafood.

Our Consumer Seafood Brands

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The good stuff is far too tasty to save for a special occasion. We’re all about decent portions of responsibly sourced seafood at honest prices. This is everyday fish that’ll make your week.

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Raw and ready to eat, Joii brings delicious, sustainable packaged seafood to all of Europe. Think salmon tartare with a miso, lime and ginger dressing. Healthy indulgence!

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At Leap, we believe the best fish swim free. Wild salmon are the ultimate free-range food - lean, packed with flavor and bursting with goodness.

Program Highlight

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Committed to Sustainability

New England Seafood International (NESI), our UK-based seafood business, worked for a decade with NGOs, governments, suppliers and industry to change behavior in the tuna industry.

  • This 10-year project culminated with coveted Marine Stewardship Council certification for tuna from Korea
  • Dongwon became the first-ever MSC-certified fishery in Korea
  • The degree of cross-sector collaboration was unprecedented
  • NESI and retailer Tesco worked together to influence government and industry to improve working conditions in the fishing industry
  • NESI was a founding member of the Global Tuna Alliance

Key Facts

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You can help heal the planet by eating sustainably sourced fish. Fish has a significantly lower environmental impact than poultry, pork or beef.

Sustainable Seafood Fact 1

80% of people know they “should” eat more seafood, but only 20% actually “do”.

People Powering the Planet

Dan Aherne

Dan Aherne


Dan has built a highly committed and passionate team of experts who are united behind the vision of showing people how to enjoy fish every day.

Cassie new

Cassie Leisk


A scientist by training, Cassie is recognized for her expertise in applying sustainability concepts in the food-production industry, particularly in seafood.


Cesar Basalo


A lifetime of work in the fishing industry has given Cesar deep knowledge of seafood, fishing methods, quality and sustainability. His tuna expertise benefits retailers and consumers around the world.