Seas Geosciences receives global ISO certification




March 09, 2024

Seas Geosciences reaches an important milestone

Seas Geosciences Team

Seas Geosciences reached an important milestone this week when it received certification of its compliance with three key International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.

“The certification is especially noteworthy given that Seas has existed as a legal entity for less than a year,” said President Paolo Casciotti. “This is a huge accomplishment, and our amazing team is justifiably proud.”

Several dedicated employees, including Patrick Connor, Matt Jenkinson, Dai Nelsey and Phil Crawford, provided crucial support for the certification process, Casciotti said.

ISO is a Geneva, Switzerland-based international nongovernmental organization made up of national standards bodies that develops and publishes a wide range of proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards. Founded in 1947, ISO plays an important role in facilitating world trade by providing common standards among different countries.

World Certification Services, an accredited certification body, conducted Seas’ assessment and certification.