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Marine Services

Supporting ocean health with marine engineering, geosciences & construction.

Geotech & Marine Construction from Land to Sea

The implementation of expansive offshore wind initiatives on a global scale represents the most significant shift in energy production in generations.

Marine Services was created to support this clean-energy expansion – and more – by integrating decades of specialized expertise in geotechnical solutions and marine construction.

Understanding the nature and mechanics of soil is one of the most critical elements of offshore development. Geotechnical and geophysical site characterization for foundations, mooring and cable routes are the first and most important priority for every project.

An increasing number of projects will be approved in more remote and difficult locations, using both floating and fixed technology. Our innovations and experience are geared towards addressing unique challenges such as environmental restrictions, marine life preservation, challenging bathymetries and soils, and deeper waters.

Site Characterization Services

Site Characterization Services

Our teams have more than 35-years of combined experience performing innovating and cost-effecting offshore, nearshore and onshore site investigations and solutions.

Geotechnical Solutions

Offshore | Our focus is on the engineering, development and utilization of custom designed, remotely operated equipment to optimize productivity while increasing the safety of our personnel and respect for the surrounding environment.

| Learn about our onshore work at Gregg Drilling and Causeway Geotech

Marine Geosciences & Engineering

Marine Geosciences Engineering

Our experienced team of engineers and geoscientists are well positioned to support various aspects of offshore wind project development including:

  • HDD and open trench landfall methods
  • Offshore cable routing
  • Foundations

Marine Construction

Marine Construction

For more than 40 years, our teams have been involved with the construction and repair of piers, wharfs, docks, dolphins, walkways, gangways, intakes, and outfalls for various clients including refineries, terminal operators, state and local agencies, and the US Coast Guard.

  • Nearshore and Port Development
  • Dredging
  • Pile Installation

Learn more at CS Marine

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Kelly Cabal

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Mark Weisz

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