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Understanding the composition and behavior of the subsurface is crucial for ensuring the stability and safety of structures. Our site-characterization services employ advanced techniques such as borehole drilling, soil sampling and geophysical surveys to gather data on soil properties, bedrock characteristics, groundwater conditions and seismic risks. Through analysis and interpretation of these data, we provide detailed geotechnical reports that aid in the design and construction of foundations, embankments, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects.

Site Investigation
Site Investigation

Ground investigation is the process of exploring the geotechnical and environmental properties of the ground, including groundwater. The main purpose of ground investigation is to reduce and control ground-related risks in construction. Understanding the ground enables us to mitigate those risks and establish the cost, suitability and feasibility of a project. Ground investigation should be considered the first step of any development process, thus enabling appropriate consideration in the design stages of a project.

We have been widely recognized as a leader and innovator in drilling, sampling, and subsurface investigation, providing clients in industry and government with the highest-quality services, including:

  • Rotary, sonic & auger drilling and sampling
  • CPT, Seismic CPT and high-resolution site characterization
  • Remote access and limited access solution
  • Instrumentation installation (piezometers, inclinometers)
  • Specialty testing, including vane shear, P&S wave logging and pressuremeter testing
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Alongside our site-investigation services, Seas Geosciences taps a team of geotechnical engineers and scientists to provide geotechnical reporting both on-site and after further interpretation and testing. Based on information collected from our ground investigations, we have provided a range of consulting including:

  • Shallow foundation design
  • Assessments of piles
  • Requirement and feasibility of ground improvement solutions
  • Infiltration drainage systems
  • Pavements and earthworks
  • Formation inspections
  • Interpretation of in-situ test results
Onshore Lab
Onshore Lab

Our ISO Certified laboratory in Ireland provides geotechnical testing of samples. The quality and integrity of the data are critical, which is why it is imperative that we have a strong team of specialists in place to input, process and review continuously throughout the life of the project.

  • Project management for full geotechnical scope of work
  • Geotechnical field support and complete engineering report
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • In-house laboratory testing
  • ISO Certification, complete health, safety & environmental programs and procedures